D-10™ Rack Loader (Mid Volume Testing)



D-10™ Instrumentation

D-10 Rack Loader

Streamlines Workflow

  • Five times greater sample capacity than the stand-alone D-10 System
  • Flexibility to load samples when available
  • STAT sample processing, brings enhanced flexibility

Grows with Your Lab

  • Convert your D-10 to a D-10 Rack Loader in one visit
  • Add more capacity when you need it, not before
  • Save time and money on expensive crossover studies and training

Simplifies Operation with Enhanced Software

  • Improved chromatogram layout simplifies data review
  • Review and print chromatograms via network connected computer
  • Electronic patient report available online

Add capacity to the D-10™ instrument and streamline workflow with the D-10™ Rack Loader and improved system software. Technicians can now load up to 50 samples for walk-away analysis without user intervention, with the flexibility to load samples as they become available. Load all kit reagents at once, with no need to change buffer bottles in the middle of a kit. Flexibility is further enhanced with STAT sample processing.

Review samples with an improved chromatogram layout and print results through any network computer. Electronic patient reports are also available online. Chromatograms are easy to read with all peaks labeled and calibrated peaks shaded for easy identification.

The D-10™ Rack Loader upgrade can be completed in a single service visit, adding five times greater capacity to an existing D-10™ testing unit. Increase capacity as needed, save time and money on crossover studies and training, and streamline laboratory operations with this D-10™ enhancement.


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D-10™ Rack Loader

Rack loader and accessories for D-10™ System; allows loading up to 50 samples for walk-away capability

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