MRSASelect™ Medium




MRSASelect™  Procedure


MRSASelect™  Performance Characteristics for Nasal Swab and Wound Specimen

The performance of MRSASelect was compared to a routine culture and commercially available
chromogenic medium.

  Routine Culture % Agreement
Positive Negative Total

Pos = 96%

Neg = 98%

24 hours

Positive 227 33 260
Negative 10 1502 1512
Total 237 1535 1772

  Commercial Chromogenic Medium, 48 hr % Agreement
Positive Negative Total

Pos = 94%

Neg = 99%

24 hours

Positive 297 24 321
Negative 18 2674 2692
Total 315 2698 3013

Further testing was performed to extend the incubation time.

MRSASelect Result Incubation Time
  18 hr 20 hr 24 hr 28 hr % Agreement
Positive Samples 21 21 21 21 100%
Negative Samples 179 179 179 179 100%

The performance of MRSASelect™ with skin and soft tissue wound specimens was compared to a routine culture and to TSB.

  Routine Culture and TSB
MRSASelect™ Positive Negative Total % Agreement
Positive 209 4 213 92%
Negative 19* 711 730 99%
Total 228 715 943  

* For 12 out of 10 samples, MRSA was isolated only from TSB with 6.5% NaCl and was not isolated on initial direct culture.

Note: These tables show percent agreement and not sensitivity.

MRSASelect™ is a selective and differential chromogenic medium used for the qualitative detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). With high sensitivity and specificity as well direct identification, the MRSASelect™ test can identify MRSA in just 18–28 hours using a nasal swab and/or a wound specimen. The test procedure is simple, and results are easy to read and interpret. This process is designed for optimal selectivity.

MRSA is most often spread in patient facilities, and several U.S. states mandate screening for MRSA in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. The detection time of MRSASelect™ provides healthcare facilities with the ability to implement fast and effective infection control as the key to preventing wide spread MRSA infection.

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