Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series



Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series Contents
Lab contains sufficient materials for 12 workstations.
Nucleic Acid Extraction Module 1
GAPDH PCR Module 1
Electrophoresis Module 1
PCR Kleen Spin Purification Module 1
Ligation and Transformation Module 1
Microbial Culturing Module 1
Aurum Plasmid Mini Purification Module 1
Sequencing and Bioinformatics Module 1
Curriculum, including Teacher’s Guide, Student Manual, and graphic Quick Guide 1
Required Accessories Not Included in Kit:
Plant samples
95–100% lab grade ethanol
Agarose gel electrophoresis equipment
Thermal cycler
Adjustable micropipets
Pipet tips, aerosol barrier
Water bath
Microcentrifuges capable of greater than 12,000 x g
Power supplies
Shaking water bath
Recommended (Optional) Accessories:
Incubation oven
Microwave oven/autoclave
Gel documentation system
Fluorometer (VersaFluor)
Spectrophotometer and cuvettes
Aurum vacuum manifold
Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series Flowchart

The Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series represents the following experimental workflow:

  1. Extract genomic DNA from plants
  2. Amplify the GAPDH gene using PCR and analyze
  3. Purify the PCR product
  4. Ligate the PCR product into a plasmid
  5. Transform the ligated plasmid into bacteria
  6. Grow minipreps of the transformed bacteria
  7. Isolate plasmid DNA and analyze by restriction digestion
  8. Sequence plasmid DNA
  9. Analyze GAPDH gene sequence using bioinformatics

Each module within the series is also available as a stand-alone kit, providing the opportunity to use individual kits to update existing curricula or to design and develop your own unique series of experiments.

Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series Overview

Prepare your students for the real world of scientific research. Engage them with the opportunity to perform novel, relevant research that can actually contribute to scientific knowledge. In this unique modular lab series, students are guided through an innovative research workflow identical to those performed in genomics labs worldwide. Over a multiple-week lab course, students will combine traditional and cutting edge molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics to clone, sequence, and analyze a housekeeping gene from a plant of your choice ensuring each class produces unique and novel data. The real thing. As a research and diagnostics manufacturing company, Bio-Rad brings unique strengths to the education market, including credibility, high quality products (kits and equipment that work), novel inquiry-based curricula, cutting edge kit applications, competitive pricing, superior teacher professional development programs, long-term strategic partners and allies, and strong personal endorsements from customers across all levels of education.

Conventional PCR Animation

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Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Planning Guide


Bio-Rad Laboratories will release the Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series in Fall 2008. The intention of this planning guide is to provide an overview of the entire student research project including details of timelines, materials included, and equipment requirements so that instructors may prepare their curriculum and estimate budgetary requirements in advance. These are estimates based on current information available, and may change in the final version of the lab series.

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The Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series provides students with the opportunity to perform novel research. Students add to the world's body of scientific knowledge by cloning and sequencing a portion of the GAPC gene from the plant of their choice. GAPC is a housekeeping gene in the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) family.

Features and Benefits

Designed by undergraduate and community college educators, this course was specifically developed to ensure success for you and your students. Tailored experimental controls allow students to:

  • Continue the experiment to its conclusion
  • Make mistakes, learn from them, and still be exposed to every step of the workflow within a specific time period
  • Experience firsthand the satisfaction that comes from completing a successful research project

The Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series allows students to apply molecular biology skills and techniques to complete a real-world research project, potentially encouraging them to pursue a career in research.

More Information

  • 6–8 week series of laboratory activities made up of eight modular kits
  • Provides sufficient materials for 12 student workstations, up to four students per workstation
Cloning and Sequencing Explorer Series

Molecular biology study kit, includes 8 modules with lab activities from DNA extraction and cloning to computer-based sequence analysis, curriculum; education use only

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