CIP10-M Air Sampler

CIP10-M Air Sampler

Monitoring Legionella in Aerosols
Found in water, Legionella is responsible for lung infections in people. Carried in tiny water droplets, Legionella can spread through inhalation of contaminated air from hot sanitary water systems and cooling towers. Bio-Rad offers the first complete solution for monitoring Legionella spp. and Legionella pneumophila in aerosols near cooling towers, hot sanitary water systems, whirlpool baths, natural spa baths, fountains, and waste water treatment plants. Combination of the CIP10-M Air Sampler and the Bio-Rad real-time PCR technology provides a fast and reliable method for measuring people’s exposure to Legionella.

Designed for on-site collection of aerosols, the CIP10-M Air Sampler is a compact portable standalone device made up of an electronic unit to which a rotating cup containing Aquadien™ Lysis Solution, is attached for sampling. The cup is covered with a cup-chamber, to which a snap-in alveolar nozzle is clipped, to bring the air flow into the chamber and the reagent contained in the rotating cup. Legionella are captured in the solution


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Aquadien™ Lysis Solution

Pkg of 1, 100 ml bottle, for use with the CIP10-M Air Sampler, sufficient for 32 air samples

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