Chromatography Resin Sampler Pack



Chromatography Media Sampler Pack

Perfecting purification can require more than one choice of support, so Bio-Rad offers its most popular resins in a convenient sampler pack. Resins included in the sampler pack are:

  • Macro-Prep High Q and High S, 25 ml each
  • CHT ceramic hydroxyapatite, Types I and II, 10 g each
  • UNOsphere Q and S, 25 ml each
  • Macro-Prep methyl HIC and t-butyl HIC, 25 ml each
  • CFT Ceramic Fluoroapatite, Types I and II, 40 µm, 40 g each
Media Sampler Pack #158-0100
Media Sampler Pack

Includes 25 ml each of Macro-Prep High Q, High S, DEAE, 25 ml of Nuvia S, 25 ml each of UNOsphere Q and S, 5 ml of UNOsphere SUPrA, 10 g of CFT Types I & II, 10 g of CHT Types I & II

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Number Description Options
LIT486 Instruction Manual, Macro-Prep HIC Supports, Rev C Click to download
LIT271 Instruction Manual, Macro-Prep Ion Exchange Supports, Rev D Click to download
4110109 Instruction Manual, UNOsphere Q and S Ion Exchange Media, Rev C Click to download
2724 UNOsphere Q Anion Exchange Support Product Information Sheet, Rev D Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]
2669 UNOsphere S Cation Exchange Media Product Information Sheet, Rev C Click to download