CHEF-DR® III Variable Angle System



Introduction to Pulsed Field Gel Electrophoresis
PFGE Standards Selection Guide
5 kb Ladder 8–48 kb Ladder Lambda Ladder S. cerevisiae
Chromosomal DNA
H. wingei
Chromosomal DNA
S. pombe
Chromosomal DNA
Comparison of Pulsed Field Standards
  Range Contents Amount Number of Applications
5 kb ladder 4.9–120 kb Concatemers of pBR328 20 µg in 200 µl 20–25
8–48 kb ladder 8.3–48.5 kb Mixed digest of phage λ 25 µg in 125 µl 125
Lambda (λ) ladder 0.05–1 Mb Concatemers of phage λcl857Sam7 5 agarose blocks 25–40
S. cerevisiae 0.225–2.2 Mb Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosomal DNA 5 agarose blocks 25–40
H. wingei 1–3.1 Mb Hansenula wingei chromosomal DNA 5 agarose blocks 25–40
S. pombe 3.5–5.7 Mb Schizosaccharomyces pombe chromosomal DNA 5 agarose blocks 25–40


Certified Agarose Selection Guide
25 g 161-3100 161-3103
161-3106   161-3111 161-3113 162-0137
100 g             162-0138
125 g 161-3101 161-3104 161-3107   161-3112 161-3114  
500 g 161-3102 161-3105       161-3115  
Analytical Separation
≥1,000 bp          
≤1,000 bp          
20–800 bp            
1 kb–2 Mb          
1 kb–5 Mb            
Preparative Separation
Quantum Prep methods      
Low-melt methods          
Agarose methods          
In-gel applications          
Other Applications
Postpreparative enzymatic treatments    
Tissue/cell culture            
Pulsed field sample preparation          

The CHEF-DR® III variable angle system combines patented PACE technology and proven CHEF technology into one easy-to-use instrument that lets you use up to three blocks of run conditions to generate high-resolution separations; specify any electrophoresis angle from 90 to 120°. Separation of chromosome-sized DNA can be achieved in almost half the time previously possible, without sacrificing resolution.

Each CHEF-DR III system is supplied with a power module, electrophoresis cell, variable-speed pump, and accessory kit.The CHEF-DR III chiller systems also come with a cooling module.

The CHEF-DR III system has built-in automation. It will recall the last conditions and use them as the default protocol. The CHEF-DR III system will also recall current run conditions and run progress if interrupted by power failure and resume the run without user intervention.

With the CHEF-DR III system, conditions are entered by the user. The instruction manual describes extensive examples of run conditions based on a variety of size separation ranges.

Application Versatility
The ability to program the angle of electrophoresis with the CHEF-DR III system enables fast, high-resolution separations of DNA molecules ranging from 200 kb to >6 Mb. The CHEF-DR III system allows selection of the optimal voltage gradient, switch time, and angle for the specific DNA size range. Separations can be further optimized by programming up to three consecutively executing blocks of run conditions, increasing the variety of possible run conditions.

Power Module  
Dimensions (W x D x H) 48 x 43 x 17.5 cm
Construction Aluminum chassis
Weight 10 kg (22 lb)
Power supply 350 V maximum, to allow maximum gradient of 9 V/cm, continuously adjustable; built in
Maximum amps 0.5 A
Allowable voltage gradients 0.6–9 V/cm, in 0.1 V/cm increments
Battery back-up All parameters in memory
Electrode potentials Dynamically regulated (feedback adjustment) +/- 0.5%
Data entry Keyboard
Switching range 0.1 sec–65,000 sec
Switch angle variable 90–120° (all electronic switching) in 1° increments
Maximum program blocks 3, with automatic execution
Maximum run time 999 hr per block
Input voltage range 100–120 VAC/50–60 Hz/4 A
220–240 VAC/50–60 Hz/2 A
Fuses 0.5 A Fast Blow for high voltage output
3.15 A Slow-Blow (100/120 V) or
1.60 A Slow-Blow (220/240 V)
Operating temperature 50°F (10°C) to 90°F (32°C); 30–80% humidity
Storage temperature 32°F (0°C) to 140°F (60°C); 10–90% humidity
Electrophoresis Cell  
Dimensions (W x D x H) 44.2 x 50.3 x 11.4 cm, horizontal format
Construction Cover: vacuum-formed polycarbonate; base: injection-molded polycarbonate
Lid Safety interlocked
Weight 10.2 kg (22.5 lb)
Electrodes 24, platinum (0.02" diameter)
Temperature monitoring Via precision temperature probe mounted in base of cell
Accessories Included  
Variable speed pump 120 V, ground isolated; flow rate 1 l/min, typical
Casting stand 14 cm x 13 cm
Comb 10-well comb and comb holder
Tygon tubing 365 cm
Disposable sample plug mold 50 slot
Yeast DNA standard S. cerevisiae YNN295, 2 plugs
Chromosomal grade agarose 5 g
Pulsed field Certified agarose 5 g
Leveling bubble 1
Fuses 0.5 A Fast Blow, 2 spares
Manual 1
Screened cap 1
Cooling Module (optional)  
Weight 14 kg (30.9 lb)
Construction Aluminum
Dimensions (W x L x H) 23 x 42 x 24 cm
Cooling capacity 75 W of input power at 14°C
Operating range 5–25°C
Total system weight 41.7 kg (91.9 lb)

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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ("WEEE Directive")

This product contains electrical or electronic material. Learn more about Bio-Rad's EU Recycle Program

CHEF-DR III Chiller System

120 V, complete variable angle PFGE system with cooling module, includes all gel casting accessories, pump, tubing, DNA standards, 2 plugs of S. cerevisiae DNA size standard, PFGE grade agarose

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(Discontinued) CHEF-DR III Chiller System

100 V, complete variable angle PFGE system with cooling module includes all gel casting accessories, pump, tubing, DNA standards, 2 plugs of S. cerevisiae DNA size standard, PFGE grade agarose

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
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