CFX Automation System II

CFX Automation System II - Twister Robot


The CFX Automation System II Features a Small Footprint

Small footprint and out-of-box compatibility with two CFX Real-Time PCR Systems


  • Initially invest in the plate handler and a single CFX System
  • Easily double automation capacity by simply adding another CFX System
  • Mix and match 96- and 384-well systems

Small footprint and out-of-box compatibility with two CFX Real-Time PCR Systems

When two CFX Systems are integrated, the user can choose to perform two independent automation runs:

  • Assign plates placed in one rack to go to one CFX System and plates placed in another rack to go to the other CFX System
  • Customize software settings for each of the two automation runs

The CFX Automation System II, a robotic plate handler, works with all CFX Real-Time PCR Detection Systems to enable walk-away, high-throughput qPCR operation in a simplified format.

This system for automated PCR facilitates the generation of large volumes of data and rapid data analysis. It is ideally suited to meet the high-throughput real-time PCR requirements of today’s drug discovery and screening workflows.

Features and Benefits of the CFX Automation System II

  • Save valuable lab space — service two CFX Systems with a single plate handler in a compact footprint
  • Meet changing throughput demands — begin with one real-time system and scale up to two systems in the future
  • Have confidence in your results — use with experimentally validated PrimePCR™ Assays for proven performance
  • Analyze data when and where you want — receive email notification with an attached data file at the completion of each run

Flexible Configurations Meet Your Throughput Needs

Flexible Configurations Meet Your Throughput Needs

With this scalable plate handler for automated real-time PCR, you can:

  • Stay organized by tracking samples with the barcode reader and integrating with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)
  • Conserve benchspace with the compact two CFX System configuration
  • Mix and match 96- and 384-well CFX Systems

Powerful PCR Automation Software Controls the CFX Automation System II

This intuitive automation software makes high-throughput real-time PCR simple and straightforward. The software is designed to work specifically with CFX Systems, eliminating the need for automation system expertise:

  • Customizable settings — tailor automation runs to your specific needs
  • Powerful software features — pair cycling information with specific barcoded plates and import barcode information from LIMS
  • Intuitive calibration wizard — add CFX Systems at any point or recalibrate the automation system when required