C/P Lift Membranes



Membrane Binding capacity (μg/cm2) Applications
Nitrocellulose 80–100 Immunoblotting
Supported nitrocellulose 80–100 Immunoblotting
Immun-Blot® PVDF 150–160 Immunoblotting
Sequi-Blot™ PVDF 170–200 Protein sequencing
Zeta-Probe® membrane 150 DNA/RNA hybridization
Zeta-Probe GT membrane 150 DNA/RNA hybridization
C/P Lift® membrane 150 Colony/plaque screening
Blotting Membrane and Filter Selection Guide

To fulfill multiple blotting requirements and experimental designs, Bio-Rad offers a comprehensive line of nucleic acid blotting matrices, sold in rolls or in precut sheets.

Membrane Binding Capacity (µg/cm2) Detection Capability (pg) Major Applications
Supported Nitrocellulose 80–100 5–50 DNA/RNA hybridization
Zeta-Probe® Membrane 150.0 1.0 DNA/RNA hybridization
Zeta-Probe GT Membrane 150.0 1.0 DNA/RNA hybridization
C/P Lift® Membrane 150.0 1.0 Colony and plaque screening

Positively charged C/P Lift membranes yield strong, sharp signals and very low background from positive colonies or plaques present in confluent lawns. The membranes complement the screening of genomic and cDNA libraries using either DNA or RNA probes. The membranes wet easily, can be used directly out of the box, and require no pretreatment.

C/P Lift Membrane Disks

Pkg of 50, 85 mm disks, positively charged, low background

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(Discontinued) C/P Lift Membrane Disks

Pkg of 15, 137 mm disks, positively charged, low background

This product is no longer available. Please contact technical support for more information on replacement product.
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