BSE Scrapie Discriminatory Kit



Key Benefits
High Performance Assay
  • Preliminary purification and concentration of PrP Sc
  • No ultracentrifugation step needed
High Reproducibility
  • The test can be run using the same sample homogenate prepared for rapid or confirmatory tests
  • Colored reagents, Kaleidoscope standard for protein transfer control
  • Validated equipment and QC controlled reagents for result standardization

The BSE scrapie discriminatory kit for strain typing of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSEs) in small ruminants has been developed to discriminate BSE from scrapie and to confirm atypical scrapie strains.

Discrimination between BSE and scrapie is based on the partial resistance of BSE-infected samples to proteinase K treatment. Comparison between confirmation assay results and discriminatory assay results is possible since the protocol of the discriminatory assay has been directly adapted from the TeSeE WESTERN BLOT assay (Catalog #: 355-1169).


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(Discontinued) BSE Scrapie Discriminatory Kit

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