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BioLogic QuadTec UV/Vis Detector
BioLogic QuadTec UV/Vis Detector

This detector enables simultaneous monitoring of four wavelenghts (190–370 nm) for greater sensitivity without background interference. It is available as a stand-alone unit, as an upgrade to existing BioLogic DuoFlow systems, and as part of BioLogic DuoFlow QuadTec™ and BioLogic DuoFlow Pathfinder® systems.

This high-resolution, portable UV detector and conductivity monitor can be moved easily to the column outlet. The conductivity monitor sits in a holder at one end of the detector. Key features include:

  • Standard 254 and 280 nm filters
  • Replaceable mercury lamp with 365, 405, and 436 nm expansion filters
  • 214 nm conversion kit with zinc lamp
  • Standard analytical 5 mm flow cell or optional preparative 2 mm flow cell
  • UV absorbance range from 0.0001 to 2.0 OD
  • Conductivity detection range from 1 to 500 mS/cm
BioLogic DuoFlow Detector Kit

Pkg of 1, portable UV detector, includes UV optics module and conductivity monitor, 5 mm analytical flow cell (#750-0212)

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