Bio-Spin Columns With Bio-Gel P-30 in SSC Buffer


Bio-Spin columns clean up DNA and protein samples quickly. Filled with specially sized Bio-Gel P gels, Bio-Spin columns are shipped fully hydrated in Tris or SSC buffer and are ready to use. These products effectively clean up and remove salts, nucleotides, dye terminators, and small molecules from DNA, RNA, and protein samples.

Features include:

  • Convenience of prepacked, prehydrated gel support
  • Rapid sample cleanup with a 4 minute microcentrifuge spin
  • Efficient (98%) removal of ddNTPs and dye terminators
  • Improved yield — 95% recovery of DNA >22 bp
  • Sample loads from 10 to 100 µl
  • Safe riboprobe preparation with RNase-free Micro Bio-Spin P-30 Tris spin columns

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Bio-Spin® P-30 Gel Columns, SSC Buffer

Pkg of 25, prepacked spin columns with Bio-Gel® P-30 in SSC, sample volume 50–100 μl, 40,000 MW limit, includes 50 collection tubes

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2320 Bio-Spin and Micro Bio-Spin Column Product Information Sheet, Rev A Click to download