Bio-Scale™ Mini Macro-Prep® High Q Cartridges

Bio-Scale Mini Macro-Prep High Q Cartridges


Property DEAE High Q High S CM
Type of support Weak anion Strong anion Strong cation Weak cation
Functional ligand –N+(C2H5)2 –N+(CH3)3 –SO3- –COO-
Ionic capacity 175 ±75 µeq/ml 400 ±75 µeq/ml 160 ±40 µeq/ml 210 ±40 µeq/ml
Typical binding capacity 35 mg BSA/ml 40 mg BSA/ml 70 mg IgG/ml 35 mg hemoglobin/ml
Counterion Cl- Cl- Na+ Na+
Nominal particle size 50 µm 50 µm 50 µm 50 µm
Nominal pore size 1,000 Å 1,000 Å 1,000 Å 1,000 Å
Recommended maximum linear flow rate 3,000 cm/hr 3,000 cm/hr 3,000 cm/hr 3,000 cm/hr
Chemical stability        
   1% SDS, 24 hr Yes Yes Yes Yes
   6 M guanidine-HCl, 24 hr Yes Yes Yes Yes
Volume changes        
   pH 4–10 <1% <1% <3% <1%
   0.1–1.0 M NaCl <5% <5% <9% <4%
Autoclavability* (121°C, 80 min) Yes Yes Yes Yes
pH stability 1–10 1–10 1–12 1–12
Antimicrobial agent 20% ethanol 20% ethanol 20% ethanol 20% ethanol
Regeneration 1 M NaCl 1 M NaCl 1 M NaCl 1 M NaCl

* Do not autoclave the OH- form.

Prepacked Cartridge Selection by Application
Cartridge by Application Support Type of Separation Chemical Form Binding Capacity
Protein and Plasmid Purification
UNOSphere™ Rapid S media UNOSphere Rapid S Strong cation exchange SO3- Human IgG: 60 mg/ml*
CFT media Ceramic fluoropatite Fluoropatite Ca10(PO4)6F2 Lysozyme 15–21 mg/g
Apatite purification kit Ceramic hydroxyapatite
Ceramic fluoropatite
Human IgG; 25-60 mg/ml**
Lysozyme 15–21 mg/g
Protein Purification
UNOSphere Rapid S media UNOSphere Rapid S Strong cation exchange SO3- Human IgG: 60 mg/ml*
CFT media Ceramic fluoropatite Fluoropatite Ca10(PO4)6F2 Lysozyme 15–21 mg/g
Apatite purification kit Ceramic hydroxyapatite
Ceramic fluoropatite
Human IgG; 25–60 mg/ml**
Lysozyme 15–21 mg/g
Antibody Purification
CFT Media Ceramic fluoropatite Fluoropatite Ca10(PO4)6F2 Lysozyme 15–21 mg/g
UNOsphere SUPrA™ media UNOsphere SUPrA Affinity Protein A  
Monoclonal Antibody Purification
mAb purification kit UNOsphere SUPrA
CHT™ Type 1
UNOsphere Q
Strong anion exchange
Protein A
Human IgG: 25–60 mg/ml**
BSA* 180 mg/ml

* Flow rate = 150 cm/hr.
** Flow rate = 300 cm/hr.

Bio-Scale Mini Cartridge Specifications
Sizes 1 ml and 5 ml bed volumes; desalting cartridges: 10 ml and 50 ml bed volumes
Recommended flow rate Varies for each support type*
Maximum operating pressure 1, 5, and 10 ml: 45 psi
50 ml: 40 psi
Fittings Female luer inlet and male luer outlet
Column material Polypropylene
Frit material Polyethylene (HDPE)
Dimensions 1 ml–40 mm length x 5.6 mm inner diameter
5 ml–40 mm length x 12.6 mm inner diameter
10 ml–80 mm length x 12.6 mm inner diameter**
50 ml–80 mm length x 28.2 mm inner diameter**

* Recommended flow rates are given for each support type in the instruction manual.
** Available for desalting cartridges only.

Prepacked Chromatography Cartridge Selection Guide
Cartridge by Application Support Type of Separation Chemical Form Protein Capacity/ml* Catalog Numbers
by Cartridge Size
5 x 1 ml 1 x 5 ml 5 x 5 ml
Protein and Plasmid Purification
High Q Macro-Prep® High Q Strong anion exchange –N+(CH3)3 ≥37 mg BSA 732-4120 732-4122 732-4124
UNOsphere™ Q UNOsphere Q Strong anion exchange –N+(CH3)3 180 mg BSA 732-4100 732-4102 732-4104
UNOsphere S UNOsphere S Strong cation exchange –SO3- 60 mg human lgG 732-4110 732-4112 732-4114
DEAE Macro-Prep DEAE Weak anion exchange –HN+(C2H5)2 >35 mg protein 732-4140 732-4142 732-4144
Protein Purification
High S Macro-Prep High S Strong cation exchange –SO3- ≥49 mg human lgG 732-4130 732-4132 732-4134
IgG Purification
DEAE Blue DEAE Affi-Gel® Blue Affinity

Cibacron Blue


0.2–1.0 ml serum

732-4632 732-4634
Antibody Purification
Protein A UNOsphere SUPrA™ Affinity Recombinant protein A 30 mg/ml human IgG 732-4200, 1 x 1 ml 732-4201, 5 x 1 ml 732-4202, 1 x 5 ml
Protein A Affi-Prep® Protein A Affinity Protein A 8–10 mg mouse
monoclonal lgG1;
16–23 mg human lgG
732-4600 732-4602
CHT™ Type I CHT Ceramic
Hydroxyapatite Type I, 40 µm
Hydroxyapatite (Ca5(PO4)3OH)2 25–60 mg human lgG 732-4322 732-4324
CHT Type II CHT Ceramic
Type II, 40 µm
Hydroxyapatite (Ca5(PO4)3OH)2 15–25 mg human lgG 732-4332 732-4334
Affinity-Tagged Protein Purification
IMAC** Nuvia™ IMAC Affinity Nitrilotriacetic acid ≥40 mg recombinant
histidine-tagged protein
780-0811 780-0812
IMAC** Profinity™ IMAC Affinity Iminodiacetic acid ≥15 mg recombinant
Histidine-tagged protein
732-4610 732-4612 732-4614
GST** Profinity GST Affinity Glutathione ≥10 mg/ml recombinant
GST-tagged protein
732-4620 732-4622 732-4624
Purification of Serum Proteins, Enzymes
Blue Affi-Gel Blue Affinity Cibacron Blue
0.2 ml serum
11 mg albumin
732-4642 732-4644

Cartridge by Application Support Type of Separation Chemical Form Protein Capacity/ml* Catalog Numbers by Cartridge Size
1 x 5
5 x 5
5 x 10
1 x 50
5 x 50
Desalting, Buffer Exchange
P-6 Bio-Gel® P-6 Gel filtration Polyacrylamide 10–22% CV*** 732-4502 732-4504 732-5304 732-5312 732-5314

* Protein capacity based on bulk support; check individual instruction manuals for run conditions and specifications.
** IMAC and GST cartridges are designed for use with the Profinia Protein Purification System.
*** Column volume.

PDF Bulletin 5584 Download the Bio-Scale Mini Cartridges Product Information Sheet for more information.

Macro-Prep High Q provides superior resolution separations at high flow rates

Effect of flow rate on peak symmetry and separation. A 5 ml sample (4.4 mg/ml) of myoglobin (peak 1), ovalbumin (peak 2), and BSA (peak 3) was run on a 1 x 13 cm (8.7 ml) column at each of the indicated flow rates. The buffer was 50 mM Tris-HCl, pH 8.6, with a gradient of 0–0.5 M NaCl over 100 ml.

PDF Bulletin 5644 To read more click here

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Bio-Scale Mini Macro-Prep High Q cartridges are available in 1 and 5 ml sizes. These cartridges come prepacked with Macro-Prep High Q strong anion exchange media and are ideal for method scouting and small-scale purifications.

Macro-Prep High Q media contain quaternary amine functional groups and are ideal for purifying acidic and neutral proteins and peptides. The support is an excellent choice for rapid purification and meets the demands of analytical, semipreparative, and process-scale applications. This methacrylate copolymer bead provides high-resolution separations at very high flow rates. Changes in pH or ionic strength of the buffer do not cause shrinking or swelling of the support. Macro-Prep High Q can be sanitized with chaotropic agents and can be autoclaved. It provides consistent and reproducible results.

Advantages of Macro-Prep High Q include:

  • High capacity for biomolecules
  • High resolution of complex biological mixtures
  • Rigid polymer matrix that allows high flow rates at moderate pressures
  • Hydrophilic matrix that reduces nonspecific binding
  • Macroporous beads that enhance access to ionic sites
  • High chemical, mechanical, and thermal stability

Bio-Scale Mini cartridges have a double-wall cartridge design* that provides extra durability and allows easy, reliable runs at pressures up to 45 psi with the aqueous buffers most commonly used for protein separation. Convenient, ready to use, and disposable, the cartridges have chemically compatible polypropylene parts. Bio-Scale Mini cartridges are designed for use with BioLogic systems, a peristaltic pump, or any chromatography system; simple luer fittings make connection to any system easy.

Regulatory support files are available upon request. Bio-Rad Laboratories is an ISO 9001-registered corporation.

* U.S. Patent 7,208,087.

Number Description Options
5584 Bio-Scale Mini Cartridges, Product Information Sheet, Rev B Click to download
5326 Chromatography Column Connection Guide, Rev A Click to download
5644 Macro-Prep® High Q Support Bulletin, Rev A Click to download
1985 Clearance of Murine Leukemia Virus From a Chimeric Monoclonal Antibody Using Ion Exchange Chromatography, Rev B. Click to download
1913 Developing and Scaling Up a Purification Procedure With Two New Ion Exchange Supports (Poster), Rev B Click to download
LIT271 Instruction Manual, Macro-Prep Ion Exchange Supports, Rev D Click to download
5662 Process Chromatography Applications Laboratory Brochure, Rev B Click to download
2204 Effective Removal of Negatively Charged Interfering Molecules From Proteins, Rev B Click to download [ Add to Cart (Free) ]

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