Aurum™ Plasmid Mini Kit



Plasmid Purification Kit Selection Guide
Bacterial Culture
Density or Volume
Aurum plasmid mini >20µg 10 min Up to 12 OD • ml* Vacuum**
and spin
Quantum Prep miniprep >20µg 15 min 1–10 ml Spin Diatomaceous
or standard

* (OD600 of undiluted culture) x (culture volume in ml) = #of OD • ml. 1 OD600 is equivalent to approximately 8 x 108 cells/ml.
** Using the Aurum vacuum manifold.

The easy-to-use Aurum plasmid mini kit improves the efficiency and throughput of plasmid purifications with a simple bind-wash-elute protocol using silica membranes. Lysed bacterial cultures can be cleared either by centrifugation or by vacuum filtration with the Aurum vacuum manifold. The clarified lysates are then applied to plasmid binding columns and plates, where DNA is bound, then washed, and finally eluted — all in <10 minutes. The purified plasmid DNA can be immediately used in any downstream molecular biology application.

The Aurum plasmid mini kit delivers high yields of reproducible plasmid DNA preparations for:

  • Automated fluorescent sequencing
  • Restriction digestion
  • Ligation and transformation

For more information, request bulletin 2664.

Kit contains sufficient reagents to purify DNA from 100 minicultures of plasmid-bearing bacteria.  
DNA-binding mini columns 100
Capless collection tubes 100
Resuspension solution, 25 ml 1
Lysis solution, 25 ml 1
Neutralization solution, 40 ml 1
5x wash solution, 25 ml 1
Elution solution, 16 ml 1
Instruction manual 1
DNA yield >20 µg
Preparation time 10 min
A200/A280 1.75–1.85
Bacterial density Up to OD 12
Purity >99% accuracy
Purification format Vacuum and spin

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Aurum™ Plasmid Mini Kit

100 preps, plasmid purification preparation kit, includes plasmid-binding mini columns, capless collection tubes, reagents, protocol overview

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