Aquadien™ DNA Extraction Kit

Aquadien Kit

A Crucial Step for Reliable Water Quality Monitoring
Only reliable high-yield DNA extraction and purification can guarantee the sensitivity and reproducibility of real-time PCR analysis. For this reason, Bio-Rad has developed the Aquadien DNA Extraction Kit with protocols optimized for high DNA extraction performances from all water samples (including biofilm and intra-amoeba bacteria).

Suitable for other PCR Water Applications
The Aquadien kit should be used prior to all iQ-Check Legionella Real-Time PCR Assays, and it can also be used for the PCR analysis of other bacteria in water samples (Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Salmonella spp., Escherichia coli, etc).

A User Friendly Protocol
The Aquadien Kit is based on a tangential microfiltration technology using a simple protocol with only four steps and little handwork for technicians.

High Performance
The tangential microfiltration allows a higher DNA extraction yield. An optimized protocol for samples containing PCR inhibitors is provided using Aquadien Wash Solution W2 (#3578119).

The Aquadien and iQ-Check Legionella solutions are AFNOR/ISO validated by AFNOR Certification according to the NF T90-471 and ISO TS 12869 standards.


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Aquadien™ W2, Wash Solution

5 ml, wash solution W2, for use with Aquadien DNA Extraction Kit, enough for 48 tests

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