Anti-Prothrombin (aPT) Assays


Anti-Prothrombin (aPT) Assays are intended for the semi-quantitative determination of anti-prothrombin (aPT) antibodies in human serum or citrated plasma (3.2 percent sodium citrate). Like β2 glycoprotein I, prothrombin is a phospholipid-binding protein. Elevated levels of anti-prothrombin (aPT) antibodies have been associated with anti-phospholipid syndrome (APS) and frequent pregnancy loss. Studies have shown that a panel testing approach increases the sensitivity and specificity of APS testing. With 11 EIA kits, Bio-Rad Laboratories offers an extensive panel menu for APS diagnosis.

Bio-Rad’s Anti-Prothrombin (aPT) Assays feature common protocols and common reagents. All reagents and reagent bottle caps are color-coded for ease of use. Test operation is further streamlined with breakaway wells, easy automation, a linear calibration curve and one-point and four-point calibration options.