Anti-Mitochondrial Assay EIA


The Kallestad® Anti-Mitochondrial Autoimmune EIA is intended for the qualitative and quantitative determination of anti-mitochondrial autoantibodies in human plasma or serum.

Bio-Rad offers a full range of individual antibody EIA assays, which can be used in conjunction with ANA and ENA assays to identify specific autoantibodies associated with various autoimmune diseases. The Bio-Rad Autoimmune Systemic EIA product line features a common assay protocol, common reagents, color-coded breakaway wells and easy automation.

Assay Characteristics

  • Sample dilution: 1:100
  • Sample volume: 10 µL
  • Incubation time: 60/30/30 minutes
  • Incubation temperature: room temperature (18–25°C)
  • Conjugate: Alkaline phosphatase
  • Substrate: Phenolphthalein monophosphate (PMP)



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Bio-Rad Kallestad® Anti-Mitochondrial EIA Kit

Semi-quantitative enzyme immunoassay for detection of IgG and IgM autoantibodies specific for M2 antigen of mitochondrial membrane (96 tests)

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