AnalyzeIt Polymer IR - Polymer Analysis

AnalyzeIt Polymer IR — Software to Identify & Classify IR Spectra of Polymers

The identification, classification, and interpretation of commercial polymers is challenging. A key piece of desired information is the spectral-structure correlation information not available from spectral searching alone.

KnowItAll's AnalyzeIt Polymer IR—in tandem with a knowledgebase of polymer spectral-structure correlations—is an application developed specifically to assist in this process. Polymer researchers can use this method of spectral interpretation in the:

  • Identification of IR spectra of unknown polymers
  • Classification or pattern characterization of polymers
  • Interpretation of polymers in conjunction with other methods of analysis such as spectral database searching

Now users can also build your own knowledgebases to include in the interpretation.

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*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages.

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INF-280025 KnowItAll - AnalyzeIt Polymer IR Datasheet Click to download
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