Affi-Gel® Heparin Gel


Affi-Gel heparin gel is a ready-to-use support for the purification of a range of proteins such as coagulation factors, other plasma proteins, polynucleotide polymerases, nucleases, lipases, lipoproteins, and proteases. Heparin binds a variety of enzymes and other proteins, either ionically or by other specific enzyme-inhibitor (or enzyme-activator) interactions.

Features of Affi-Gel heparin gel include:

  • Heparin content of ≥0.6 mg/ml
  • Human antithrombin III binding capacity of ≥1.2 mg/ml
  • Linear flow rates of 10–20 cm/hr
Affi-Gel Heparin Gel

40 ml, ready-to-use affinity gel

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