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Unfolded Protein Response (SAB Target List) M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Actb Calr Derl1 Edem3 Fbxo6 Hspa2 Insig1 Nploc4 Prkcsh Serp1 Ube2j2 Tbp
  Amfr Canx Derl2 Eif2a Ganab Hspa4 Insig2 Nucb1 Rnf139 Sil1 Ubxn4 Gapdh
  Atf4 Cct4 Dnajb2 Eif2ak3 Ganc Hspa4l Manf Os9 Rnf5 Srebf1 Ufd1l Hprt
  Atf6 Cct7 Dnajb9 Ern1 Gusb Hspa5 Mapk10 Pdia3 Rpn1 Srebf2 Uggt1 gDNA
  Atf6b Cebpb Dnajc10 Ern2 H47 Hspb9 Mapk8 Pfdn2 Scap Syvn1 Uggt2 PCR
  Atxn3 Creb3 Dnajc3 Ero1l Herpud1 Hsph1 Mapk9 Pfdn5 Sec62 Tcp1 Usp14 RQ1
  B2m Creb3l3 Dnajc4 Ero1lb Hsp90ab1 Htra2 Mbtps1 Ppia Sec63 Tor1a Vcp RQ2
  Bax Ddit3 Edem1 Erp44 Hspa1l Htra4 Mbtps2 Ppp1r15b Sel1l Ube2g2 Xbp1 RT