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Substance-related disorders M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Acaca Arhgap10 Clock Cxcr4 Fabp4 Gusb Ipo8 Mt2 Pnoc Scd1 Trf Tbp
  Acadm Arntl Comt Dbi Fabp5 Hmbs Krt7 Nos3 Pnpla3 Slc6a4 Tsc22d3 Gapdh
  Acox1 B2m Cpt1a Dhrs3 Fasn Hnf1a Lep Nppa Polr2a Spp1 Tymp Hprt
  Acox2 Cav1 Cry1 Dpyd Gabbr1 Hnf4a Lepr Nsf Ppara Srebf1 Ubc gDNA
  Actb Ccl12 Cry2 Drd1a Gabrg2 Hprt Lpar1 Per1 Pparg Star Vegfa PCR
  Adh1 Ccl5 Cxcl10 Drd2 Gapdh Il16 Lpin1 Per2 Ppia Tfrc Vegfb RQ1
  Apex1 Cebpa Cxcl2 Drd3 Gphn Il1b Mag Pgk1 Prom1 Tgfb1 Vegfc RQ2
  Apob Cldn11 Cxcl3 Epcam Gstm2 Il6 Mbp Plp1 Qk Tnf Ywhaz RT