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Respiratory tract infections Tier 2 M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Acat1 Bst2 Cd59b Cxcr2 Etfa Gstm7 Ier3 Krt8 Pcsk1 Psmd2 Sftpd Stat2
  Acly C1qb Cd9 Ddt Fah Gzmb Ifih1 Marcks Pde4b Ptpn1 Sfxn1 Tfpi
  Acp5 C1ra Cdc42ep3 Diablo Fbp1 H2-DMa Ifitm3 Mbp Pfkp Ptx3 Slc15a2 Thy1
  Aifm1 Calca Cdh17 Dnajb1 Fth1 H2-DMb1 Ifnb1 Mmp12 Pigr Rbm39 Slc22a18 Tlr6
  Alcam Ccl20 Cidea E2f2 Gng5 Hdac2 Il1r2 Mx2 Pld1 Rsad2 Sp110 Usp12
  Ap2b1 Ccng1 Cx3cl1 Ech1 Gpd2 Hmgcs1 Inhba Nat2 Pon1 Scgb3a1 Spint2 Vldlr
  Apoa4 Ccr1 Cx3cr1 Elk1 Gphn Hsd11b1 Irf7 Oas1a Prf1 Sdc1 Sqstm1 Xrcc5
  Arg1 Cd55 Cxcr1 Enpp3 Gstm2 Hspa9 Isg20 Oas3 Prkch Sell Star Zc3hav1