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Respiratory tract infections Tier 1 M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Abcc5 C3 Clu Dusp1 Hspa1a Il1rn Kras Nos2 Ptgs2 Sod2 Tlr2 Tbp
  Acox1 Cat Creb1 Egr1 Ifi44 Il2 Lcn2 Nr1h3 Rel Sox9 Tlr3 Gapdh
  Agt Ccl12 Crp Epcam Ifng Il4 Lgals1 Nr3c1 Rela Sparc Tlr4 Hprt
  Alox5 Ccl5 Ctsk Fn1 Igf1 Il4ra Lpl Pdpn S100a8 Spp1 Tnf gDNA
  Apoe Ccr5 Cxcl1 Fos Il10 Il6 Mmp14 Plod1 S100a9 Stat1 Tnfrsf1b PCR
  Atf2 Cd14 Cxcl10 Foxp3 Il17a Irf1 Mmp7 Pparg Serpine1 Tap1 Tnfsf10 RQ1
  Atf3 Cd38 Cxcl3 Ggh Il1a Irf8 Nfkb1 Prkacb Slc2a1 Timp1 Tpm1 RQ2
  Bax Cd74 Cxcr4 Hp Il1b Jun Nfkbia Psmb9 Socs3 Tlr1 Vcan RT