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Nervous system neoplasms Tier 4 M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Acaa2 Cdh17 Crlf1 Enpp3 Gch1 Ifit2 Myo5b Omg Prps2 Sdc2 Sptlc1 Tmpo
  Acot4 Cldn8 Csf2rb Etfdh Ghitm Il2rg Nasp Oxtr Ptgis Sdc4 Srgn Tmprss4
  Adcy3 Clstn3 Cstb Etv1 Gls Lama4 Nefh Parm1 Ptp4a3 Slc6a2 Sulf2 Tnni3
  Apod Col7a1 Ddc Etv4 Gnl1 Lamb2 Nefl Pde5a Pycr1 Smarcc1 Sult1c2 Traf2
  Bcl10 Cpb1 Dek Evi2b Gpc1 Lrp2 Nkx2-1 Pid1 Rab11fip4 Smarcd2 Syne2 Traf5
  Bcr Cpox Dnajb1 Fkbp4 Gpc3 Mal Nnat Plbd1 Rpa1 Smoc1 Tbp Wnt11
  Camk1d Crabp1 Dysf Foxa1 Hlf Matn2 Nov Pnpla3 Rras2 Sp100 Tcirg1 Wt1
  Cbfb Crabp2 Emx2 G0s2 Ibsp Mgst1 Npy1r Polr2j Samhd1 Spred2 Tmem173 Zic1