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Neoplasms, Connective tissue Tier 1 M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Abcb1a Birc5 Ccnd1 Ctgf Ezh2 Igf1 Mgmt Muc1 Pparg Smad7 Timp1 Tbp
  Acta2 Brca1 Cd44 Ctnnb1 Fkbp5 Igf1r Mif Myc Prkca Sparc Tnc Gapdh
  Akt1 Bub1b Cdk1 Cxcl10 Fn1 Igfbp3 Mki67 Nfkb1 Prom1 Spp1 Top2a Hprt
  Apoe Cbx7 Cdk2 Cxcl12 Fos Jun Mmd Nos2 Pten Stat1 Tpx2 gDNA
  Aurka Ccl5 Cdkn1a Cxcr4 Gsk3b Kit Mmp1a Pdgfra Ptgs2 Tacc3 Twist1 PCR
  Bax Ccna2 Cdkn2a E2f1 H2-Eb1 Mapk1 Mmp2 Pgr Rb1 Tert Vegfa RQ1
  Bcl2 Ccnb1 Col1a1 Erbb2 Hif1a Mcl1 Mmp3 Pik3ca Rrm2 Tgfb1 Wnt5a RQ2
  Bcl2l1 Ccnb2 Col1a2 Esr1 Icam1 Met Mmp9 Plau Serpine1 Thbs1 Zwint RT