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Myoepithelioma Tier 2 M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  1600014C10Rik Ccl26 Crlf1 Ephb1 Gcg Gpc3 Mboat1 Nnat Pip5k1b Prps2 Slitrk5 Tnni3
  Aatk Cited1 Cxxc5 Ermn Gch1 Hoxc6 Mest Nnt Pkib Ptp4a3 Sost Trim37
  Acaa2 Cldn8 Dctd Etv1 Gjb6 Hrk Mgst1 Nrg4 Pla2g1b Rala Srgn Wnt11
  Adcy3 Clstn3 Ddc F2rl2 Gldc Hspg2 Mt1 Oxtr Plbd1 Rras2 St3gal1 Wnt3
  Agrn Col2a1 Dfna5 Fam131b Gmpr Lgsn Myo1b Padi2 Pnpla3 S100b St3gal6 Wnt5b
  Ak5 Col9a3 Dlk1 Foxg1 Gnptab Lrp2 Nefh Parm1 Pon3 Sh3gl3 St6gal1 Wnt6
  Camk1d Cpb1 Dlx5 G0s2 Gpc1 Ltk Nefl Pctp Porcn Slc27a3 Sulf2 Zic2
  Casq1 Crh Enpp3 Gabbr2 Gpc2 Mal Nkx2-2 Pde5a Procr Slc6a2 Sult1c2 Zmiz1