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Muscular diseases Tier 1 M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Acta2 Ccl4 Cryab Gnb1 Ifng Mcm7 Nos2 Prkaa1 Shank2 Tacc3 Tuba1a Tbp
  Adrb2 Ccl5 Cxcl10 Grem1 Il10 Mmp1a Nr1d2 Prom1 Sirt1 Tcf7l2 Txnip Gapdh
  Aldh1a1 Ccna2 Cxcl12 Gsn Il17a Mmp2 Parp1 Psma4 Snai1 Tgfb1 Uba52 Hprt
  Angpt1 Cd14 Cxcr4 H2-Ab1 Il1b Mmp7 Pecam1 Psmb10 Sod2 Timp1 Ubb gDNA
  Apol7a Cdk5 Ep300 Hif1a Il33 Mmp9 Pkm Ptgs2 Spp1 Timp3 Ubc PCR
  App Col1a1 Fgf2 Hsp90aa1 Il6 Msi2 Plk4 Raf1 Stat1 Tlr4 Ucp2 RQ1
  Bub1b Col3a1 Foxm1 Hsp90ab1 Kdr Myd88 Postn S100a4 Stat3 Tnc Vegfa RQ2
  Ccl12 Comt Foxo1 Hspa1a Map3k5 Nfkb1 Prc1 Serpine1 Sumo1 Tnf Ywhaz RT