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Glycosylation (SAB Target List) M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  A4gnt B3gnt8 Edem2 Galnt11 Galnt6 Gcnt3 Man1a Mgat1 Mogs Pofut2 St6galnac1 Tbp
  Actb B4galt1 Edem3 Galnt12 Galnt7 Glb1 Man1a2 Mgat2 Nagpa Pomgnt1 St8sia2 Gapdh
  Aga B4galt2 Fuca1 Galnt13 Galnt9 Gnptab Man1b1 Mgat3 Neu1 Pomt1 St8sia3 Hprt
  B2m B4galt3 Fuca2 Galnt14 Galntl1 Gnptg Man1c1 Mgat4a Neu2 Pomt2 St8sia4 gDNA
  B3galtl B4galt5 Fut11 Galnt2 Galntl5 Gusb Man2a1 Mgat4b Neu3 Prkcsh St8sia6 PCR
  B3gnt2 C1galt1 Fut8 Galnt3 Galntl6 Hexa Man2a2 Mgat4c Neu4 St3gal1 Uggt1 RQ1
  B3gnt3 C1galt1c1 Galnt1 Galnt4 Ganab Hexb Man2b1 Mgat5 Ogt St3gal2 Uggt2 RQ2
  B3gnt4 Edem1 Galnt10 Galnt5 Gcnt1 Hsp90ab1 Manba Mgat5b Pofut1 St6gal1 Wbscr17 RT