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Digestive system abnormalities M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  Abcc2 Cd14 Dkk1 Gpx7 Hoxa6 Hoxb7 Hoxd11 Lgr5 Plcl2 Rnasel Tff3 Tbp
  Abcc3 Cdx2 Dkk4 Hoxa1 Hoxa7 Hoxb9 Hoxd8 Lyz1 Ptch1 Rora Tlr2 Gapdh
  Agr2 Cftr Dmbt1 Hoxa10 Hoxa9 Hoxc10 Hpgd Msi1 Ptger1 Rxra Tlr3 Hprt
  Anpep Ctgf Epcam Hoxa11 Hoxb13 Hoxc5 Hspb1 Myc Ptger2 Rxrb Tlr4 gDNA
  Atp7b Cyp7a1 Erbb2 Hoxa13 Hoxb2 Hoxc6 Itgal Notch1 Ptger3 Rxrg Tlr7 PCR
  Atp8b1 Dapk1 Fbp1 Hoxa3 Hoxb4 Hoxc8 Krt14 Nr0b2 Ptger4 Sele Tlr8 RQ1
  Bax Dclk1 Fmo5 Hoxa4 Hoxb5 Hoxd1 Krt18 Nr1h4 Ptgs1 Slc10a1 Vdr RQ2
  Becn1 Ddc Golm1 Hoxa5 Hoxb6 Hoxd10 Krt8 Nrg1 Ptgs2 Tff1 Vegfa RT