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Alzheimer's disease (SAB Target List) M96
Predesigned 96-well panel for use with SYBR® Green

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  A2m Apbb2 Bace1 Cdkl1 Ep300 Gnb5 Gngt1 Igf2 Mpo Prkca Psen2 Gapdh
  Abca1 Aph1a Bace2 Chat Ern1 Gng10 Gngt2 Il1a Mtap2 Prkcb Serpina3c Hprt
  Ache Aplp1 Bche Clu Gap43 Gng11 Gsk3a Insr Nae1 Prkcd Snca gDNA
  Actb Aplp2 Bdnf Ctsb Gnao1 Gng3 Gsk3b Lpl Ncstn Prkce Sncb PCR
  Adam9 Apoa1 Casp3 Ctsc Gnaz Gng4 Gusb Lrp1 Pkp4 Prkci Ubqln1 RQ1
  Apba1 Apoe Casp4 Ctsd Gnb1 Gng5 Hsd17b10 Lrp6 Plat Prkcq Uqcrc1 RQ2
  Apba3 App Cdk1 Ctsg Gnb2 Gng7 Hsp90ab1 Lrp8 Plau Prkcz Uqcrc2 RT
  Apbb1 B2m Cdk5 Ctsl Gnb4 Gng8 Ide Mapt Plg Psen1 Tbp