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Product Categories

PCR Amplification

Digital PCR

Digital PCR allows for the measurement of molecular genetic changes by absolute quantification

Real-Time PCR Detection Systems

Thermal cyclers with optical reaction modules for singleplex and multiplex detection of fluorophores

lncRNA RT-qPCR Workflow

PrimePCR™ PCR Primers, Assays, and Arrays

Thermal Cyclers for PCR

Multiple module, chassis, and bay choices provide options for low- to high-throughput capabilities

PCR Reagents & qPCR Reagents

Formulated and optimized for reverse transcription, PCR, and real-time PCR applications

PCR Plastic Consumables

Thin-wall polypropylene PCR tubes, plates, seals, and accessories designed for optimal cycling performance

Real-Time PCR Detection Systems for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD)

Zika, Dengue, and Chikungunya (ZDC) Real-Time PCR Assays

PX1™ PCR Plate Sealer

qPCR Analysis Software

Order and download software for thermal cycler control, real-time PCR, analysis, and primer design

Firmware & Software Updates

PCR Instrument Validation Tools and Services

Reliable validation tools for your real-time PCR detection systems


Customer Service:
1-800-4-BIORAD (1-800-424-6723)

Technical Support:
1-800-4-BIORAD (1-800-424-6723)
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