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Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Highlighted at ASHG Annual Meeting

New copy number variation (CNV) studies using Droplet Digital PCR assays for more accurate, precise, and cost-effective CNV determination may lead to improved diagnosis and therapy for cancer and other diseases, including autoimmune disorders.
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Emerging Applications of Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology Highlighted at the 2013 Digital PCR Conference

Scientists using Bio-Rad Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) systems will present original ddPCR research applications at the Digital PCR Conference in San Diego, CA, Oct. 7–9. These applications have resulted in nearly 50 peer-reviewed publications in the last two years.
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Bio-Rad’s New ddPCR™ Library Quantification Kit Optimizes Performance of Ion Torrent NGS Systems

The new ddPCR™ library quantification kit for Ion Torrent NGS libraries is designed for use with Bio-Rad’s QX200™ Droplet Digital™ PCR system. The new kit provides researchers with the ability to precisely and directly measure amplifiable library concentrations.
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Extremely Rare Mitochondrial DNA Deletions Associated with Aging Can Be Accurately Detected with Droplet Digital™ PCR

Researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have developed a new Droplet Digital PCR assay to accurately analyze extremely rare mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) deletions associated with both aging and disease states.
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Droplet Digital™ PCR Enables Reproducible Quantification of microRNA Biomarkers

A new study reports that Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR™) technology can be used to precisely and reproducibly quantify microRNA (miRNA) in plasma and serum, enabling the use of miRNA and other nucleic acids as reliable blood-based disease biomarkers.
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Researchers Develop Rapid, Cost-Effective Early Detection Method for Organ Transplant Injury

The researchers applied Bio-Rad’s ddPCR™ technology to quantify graft-derived cfDNA in recent liver transplant patients, making it a promising biomarker for early detection of rejection, potentially enabling more timely therapeutic intervention.
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Droplet Digital™ PCR Provides Accurate Quantification of Next-Generation Sequencing Libraries

A newly developed method using Droplet Digital PCR for NGS library quantification and quality control was found to be more accurate and precise than real-time PCR methods. NGS library QC is essential for optimizing sequencing data yield, thereby increasing efficiency and throughput while lowering cost.
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Bio-Rad Launches New iTaq™ Universal One-Step Kits for Reverse Transcription Real-Time PCR

New iTaq universal one-step kits combine RNase H+ iScript reverse transcriptase and antibody-mediated hot-start iTaq DNA polymerase in one reaction for superior data precision and highly efficient reverse transcription quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR) performance under most reaction conditions on any qPCR instrument.
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New Biomarker Could Reveal Alzheimer’s Disease Years Before Onset

A study published today reported the identification of what may be the earliest known biomarker associated with the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The results suggest that this novel potential biomarker is present in cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) at least a decade before signs of dementia manifest.
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Bio-Rad Introduces New iQ-Check™ Prep System for Automated Real-Time PCR Detection of Food Pathogens

Designed for use with the full range of Bio-Rad’s validated real-time PCR food pathogen detection kits, this automated liquid handling platform for high-throughput sample preparation performs hands-free DNA extraction and PCR plate setup for pathogen testing.
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