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Important Information for Bio-Rad Customers in North America: Business Systems Updates.

Bio-Rad Laboratories will complete a business systems update on July 6. Impacts to business operations will be minimal, but North American customers should note that Bio-Rad will not ship products from July 1–July 5; shipping will resume on July 6. New customer account numbers and other changes to customer-facing data formats will also be implemented on this date.
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Bio-Rad Launches PrecisionAb™ Antibodies Validated Specifically for Western Blotting

New line of antibodies raises industry standards for antibody validation and ensures western blotting success.
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Rapid and Cost-Effective Chromosomal Phasing Is Possible with Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology

Researchers publish a new method facilitating the study of how the distribution of mutations between alleles affects disease states.
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Biogazelle Uses Bio-Rad’s PrimePCR™ Assays to Create qPCR Reference Data for FDA-Led Sequencing Project

Scientists take advantage of fully wet-lab validated human PrimePCR Assays to support an FDA-led Sequencing Quality Control (SEQC) study published in Nature Biotechnology.
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Bio-Rad Introduces S3e™ Cell Sorter (488/640 nm)

The newest addition to Bio-Rad’s S3e Cell Sorter family is equipped with 488 nm and 640 nm lasers that permit excitation and detection of red fluorophores common to many immunology experiments.
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Bio-Rad Introduces Droplet Digital™ PCR PrimePCR™ Assay Kits for Spinal Muscular Atrophy Research

New kits for copy number detection enable precise and reproducible high-throughput copy number calls for SMN1 and SMN2.
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Presentations at the AACR Annual Meeting Highlight Advances in Cancer Research Made Possible by Bio-Rad’s Droplet Digital™ PCR Technology

Researchers highlight different applications of ddPCR™ technology in cancer research, including the development of a highly sensitive test for the detection of oncogene amplifications, detection of gene mutations arising from drug resistance, and the use of multiplexing to detect several cancer-associated mutations in a single assay.
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Next-Generation Sequencing and Droplet Digital™ PCR Accurately Determine Copy Number States for Multiallelic Copy Number Variations

A study published by scientists at Harvard Medical School and Bio-Rad’s Digital Biology Center validates next-generation sequencing and Droplet Digital PCR as highly accurate tools for the characterization of multiallelic copy number variations.
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Bio-Rad Adds New PrimePCR™ Products for Droplet Digital™ PCR

New assays include centromeric copy number reference assays, mutation detection assays, and assays for transcriptome-wide gene expression analysis. This expands Bio-Rad's offering of PrimePCR™ Assays for Droplet Digital PCR to more than 120,000 across key applications.
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Bio-Rad Adds Six New Genomes to Line of PrimePCR™ Assays for Real-Time PCR

Expertly designed PrimePCR Assays are now available for the rhesus monkey, zebrafish, yeast, cow, rabbit, and pig genomes.
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