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Bio-Rad Releases Its CFX384™ Real-Time PCR Detection System

Designed for high-throughput real-time PCR in a 384-well format, the CFX384 system and the new CFX Manager™ software expand research flexibility and provide more multiplexing capabilities.
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Bio-Rad Announces New Human Primary Cell Transfection Protocols

Conditions for electroporation were developed using Bio-Rad’s Gene Pulser MXcell™ electroporation system and Gene Pulser® electroporation buffer.
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Bio-Rad Introduces a Standardization Suite for the ProteinChip® SELDI System

This new standardization suite is designed to ensure that ProteinChip SELDI systems provide consistent, reproducible results over time, operators, and locations.
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Bio-Rad Introduces Two Fast Supermixes for Real-Time PCR

The iTaq™ fast supermixes with ROX can be used on a variety of instruments, including ROX-dependent real-time PCR systems.
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Bio-Rad Introduces Criterion Stain Free™ Imaging System

The new system enables scientists to bypass staining and destaining steps to quickly visualize proteins on SDS-polyacrylamide gels.
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New Software for the Automated Experion™ Electrophoresis System Released

The new software optimizes DNA, RNA, and protein analysis by providing easy access to the setup, running, and data analysis functions of the system.
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Bio-Rad’s Web-Based siLentMer™ siRNA Search Tool Offers Easy Access to Available Validated Gene Targets

Bio-Rad’s siLentMer siRNA library can be searched by gene symbol, NCBI accession number, or Bio-Rad catalog number.
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Bio-Rad Launches Two Bio-Plex Pro™ Wash Stations

The Bio-Plex Pro and Bio-Plex Pro II wash stations streamline multiplex assays and improve reproducibility by eliminating manual wash steps.
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New ProteOn™ GLH Sensor Chip for Small Molecule Applications

New chip for the ProteOn XPR36 protein interaction array system generates a high analyte signal through its high ligand activity and binding capacity.
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Bio-Rad Announces Real-Time PCR Detection System

The CFX96™ optical reaction module builds on the power and flexibility of the C1000™ thermal cycler, creating a precise real-time PCR system.
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