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Bio-Rad's New ProteOn Manager™ Software 3.0 Makes Protein Interaction Analysis Using Surface Plasmon Resonance Easier

Updated software to further streamline experimental set up and data analysis with the ProteOn™ XPR36 protein interaction array system.
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Bio-Rad Introduces New Bio-Plex Pro™ Magnetic Bead–Based, Multiplex Immunoassays

News panels for TGF-β, rat cytokines and diabetes, and mouse TH17 cytokines are available, These assays are built on Luminex’s MagPlex platform, to take advantage of the magnetic beads workflow that simplifies assay preparation and reduces variability in results
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Bio-Rad Publishes Practical Tips on How to Optimize PCR Experiments for High Resolution Melt Analysis

The Tech Notes detail several important factors for successful HRM analysis, including reagent selection, DNA quality, amplicon size, and reaction optimization.
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Published Study Validates New Protein Enrichment Approach for Low-Abundance Biomarker Detection

Paper reports that researchers used Bio-Rad's ProteoMiner™ protein enrichment kit to identify potential low-abundance markers of breast cancer in human saliva.
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Bio-Rad Publishes Two New Tech Bulletins that Highlight the Accuracy and Reproducibility of its TC10™ Automated Cell Counter

Data presented demonstrate how the TC10 automated cell counter improves the accuracy of both total and live cell counting, and reduces time to results compared to other methods.
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Bio-Rad's New Trans-Blot® Turbo™ Transfer System Enables Protein Transfer In Western Blotting in as Little as 3 Minutes

The Trans-Blot® Turbo™ system's rapid setup using prepackaged Turbo transfer packs and short transfer times, coupled with its ability to transfer four mini gels or two midi gels simultaneously, make the system ideal for high-throughput experiments.
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Bio-Rad's New CFX Manager™ Software 2.0 Streamlines Real-Time PCR Experiment Setup, Data Analysis, and MIQE Compliance

From scheduling the use of an instrument to expediting manuscript acceptance, CFX Manager software 2.0 makes running qPCR experiments easier than ever.
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Bio-Rad Introduces the EpiQ™ Chromatin Analysis Kit

The EpiQ chromatin analysis kit is the first commercial research tool that helps scientists quantify the impact of epigenetic events on gene expression regulation through chromatin state changes.
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Bio-Rad Launches New B2B PunchOut eCommerce Solution to meet the needs of eProcurement-based customers

Bio-Rad's new PunchOut system offers a seamless interface with your organization's internal e-procurement system — leverage all the benefits of Bio-Rad's website directly from within your system.
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Bio-Rad Launches eCommerce and Search Enhancements on

Bio-Rad continues to find new ways to meet your needs for informed purchasing. Our latest site updates include improved search; quote, ordering, and invoicing enhancements; and a simplified Bio-Pex assay builder.
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