Why is my supermix pink?


Normalization of Real-Time PCR Fluorescence Data with ROX Passive Reference Dye


Why is my supermix pink?


SsoAdvanced™ universal supermixes and iTaq™ universal one-step kits include our latest universal passive reference dye, which is naturally pink in color. Original iTaq universal supermixes — iTaq universal SYBR® Green supermix and iTaq universal probes supermix — contained our first-generation universal passive reference dye. These supermixes have been updated with the latest-generation passive reference dye to provide enhanced long-term storage stability at 4°C, reducing or even eliminating the need to freeze and thaw your supermix.

The Bio-Rad R&D team validated these updated supermixes with an extensive set of qPCR assays, evaluating relative performance, PCR efficiency, dynamic range, linearity, sensitivity, and specificity to ensure that the supermixes with the new dye provided the same high performance as the original formulations.

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See Normalization of Real-Time PCR Fluorescence Data with ROX Passive Reference Dye in our Applications and Technologies pages to learn why passive reference dyes are required for data normalization in some real-time PCR systems and not others. Although Bio-Rad real-time PCR detection systems do not require ROX for internal normalization, Bio-Rad’s universal real-time PCR supermixes are designed for high performance on all real-time PCR detection systems, both systems requiring ROX normalization and ROX-independent systems.

View our Understanding Real-Time Supermixes tutorial to learn more about qPCR data analysis and how to compare supermix performance.

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