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What if I scan and check out the wrong item? How do I exchange the product?


If you accidentally check out a product, you have 15 minutes to return it. Please forward your institution name, order confirmation number, and your first and last name to and indicate that the order is a return. Please return the product to the Supply Center immediately.

If the Bio-Rad Supply Center is integrated with your internal purchasing system (SciQuest), please take the appropriate steps to cancel your order within your internal system.  Please contact your on-campus administrator if you have questions on how to do this.

More Questions about Product Scanning and Checkout:

Whom do I contact with questions regarding the barcode scanner or Supply Center tablet?
Please email or call 1-800-424-6723 option #2.

What if my product cannot be scanned?
If a product barcode is not recognized by the kiosk's scanner, manually input the product number by clicking the Manual Entry button located in the top right corner of the Select Items screen.

For more information, visit our Supply Center Program page.

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