Model 1575 Immunowash™ Microplate Washer


Model 1575 Immunowash™ Microplate Washer


One or more of the pins of my model 1575 Immunowash™ microplate washer is not dispensing liquid properly; I get a only a few drops.


A pin that is not dispensing properly may eject only a few drops or nothing at all. This is generally caused by clogged pins or ports. Buffers and viscous solutions can crystallize or dry inside the system and eventually cause constriction or a total blockage.

Rinsing the system with water at the end of the day should prevent this. If you do use concentrated or very viscous solutions, you may need to rinse the system more frequently or even have a spare manifold available to avoid delays in your work.

A clogged system should be cleaned with the standard maintenance kit, catalog #170-7026. It may be necessary to soak the manifold for several hours in water to remove stubborn clogs.

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