Technical Support FAQ


Technical Support FAQ


What are the main features of PDQuest 2-D analysis software?


  • PDQuest software has automatic spot finding, of up to 100 gels at once. The Spot Detection Wizard accurately guides you through the spot detection process, so your results are right the first time.
  • It has automatic spot matching with the most advanced algorithm in the field, and can handle up to 100 gels at once.
  • It will display up to 100 gel images (or parts of an image) on the screen at once.
  • It can do quantitation of spots by merging multiple images of the same gel, for consistent results.
  • It can normalize the spot values, so that gel images can be compared with accurate comparative results.
  • It has sophisticated statistical and quantitative analysis algorithms for comparing gels.
  • It has a database query engine, to query the spot annotations. The database query engine is the most powerful available in a 2-D analysis package.
  • It has Internet support.
  • It is both Windows and Macintosh compatible. The interface is easy to use, with standard pull-down menus. There is a Quick Guide that covers most steps and operations. It has TIFF file import and export capability.

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