Technical Support FAQ


Technical Support FAQ


What buffer can I use for western blotting that does not contain glycine? I want to sequence my protein after blotting.


You can use Tris/CAPS buffer, 60 mM Tris, 40 mM CAPS, pH 9.6, with or without SDS and/or methanol. (Do not adjust pH with acid or base.) 10 X CAPS Buffer (1610778) is available.

This buffer is especially effective with the Trans-Blot® SD Semi-Dry Transfer Cell. It is also a good buffer for the Trans-Blot Cell. Refer to Bulletin 2134, "Increased Transfer Efficiency Using a Discontinuous Buffer System", for the use of this buffer with the Trans-Blot SD Cell.

Another buffer you can use is 10 mM NaHCO3 , 3 mM Na2CO3 (20% methanol), pH 9.9 (do not adjust pH). This buffer is volatile, and must be prepared from the solid carbonates just before use.

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