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Casting an Agarose Gel
(Duration 2:27 min)

This video demonstrates how to cast an agarose gel. The proper method for sealing the gel tray with tape is shown along with pouring the molten agarose and storing the gel for later use.

Video Tutorials

These basic technique videos provide training for many core biotechnology laboratory skills. They also support instructors using the laboratory textbook Biotechnology: A Laboratory Skills Course in their classrooms. These videos are presented in English unless noted otherwise.

Laboratory Skills
Title Duration
Using a Transfer Pipet
This video demonstrates the proper use of a disposable plastic transfer pipet.
1:39 min
Using Serological Pipets
This video demonstrates the proper use of three common types of pipet pumps — tri-valve, syringe, and electronic — which are used with serological pipets.
4:45 min
Using a Micropipet
This video demonstrates how to use an adjustable-volume micropipet. The parts of the micropipet are explained along with how to set the volume, select and apply the pipet tip, and transfer liquids.
4:23 min
Kool-Aid Chromatography
This video demonstrates the separation of Kool-Aid drink mix pigments based on differences in polarity. Different percentages of alcohol are used in this chromatographic separation technique.
6:13 min
Using an Electronic Balance
This video demonstrates the proper use of an electronic balance.
1:35 min
Using a pH Meter
This video demonstrates the proper use of a stationary pH meter. The parts of the instrument, calibration with standard pH buffers, and sample measurement are shown.
4:48 min
Making a Molar Solution
This video demonstrates the proper method for making a molar solution. The example is for making a 1 M NaCl solution and includes weighing the material on an electronic balance and measurement of 100 ml of total solution using a volumetric flask.
3:26 min
Titration of Acids and Bases
This video demonstrates how to determine the concentration of an unknown base by titration. Proper use of graduated cylinders for volume measurement and use of a burette for titration using the pH indicator phenolphthalein are shown. Calculations to determine concentration of the unknown are shown using the m1v1 = m2v2 formula.
5:13 min
Microbiology and Cell Culture
Title Duration
Aseptic Technique
This video demonstrates basic microbiological aseptic techniques used for transferring bacteria from one culture to another. Techniques include use of a Bunsen burner, transferring bacterial cultures from Petri plate to a liquid culture or from liquid to liquid culture using inoculation loops or needles.
6:01 min
Making Microbiological Media
This video demonstrates how to make microbiological media. LB agar is made, showing use of an electronic balance and addition of selection components, ampicillin and arabinose, to media. Proper pouring of Petri plates, including labeling, is shown.
6:09 min
Making a Streak Plate
This video demonstrates the streak plate method for isolating a single colony of bacteria from a culture. Proper use of a bunsen burner, inoculation loop, and aseptic technique are shown.
1:56 min
Modified Kirby-Bauer Test
This video demonstrates how to perform a modified Kirby-Bauer, or disk diffusion test. This method is used for testing the susceptibility of bacteria to different antibiotics.
3:23 min
Gram Staining
This video demonstrates the Gram staining method for identifying unknown bacteria. The method for mounting bacteria on a microscope slide using aseptic technique is shown.
4:28 min
Serial Dilution and Plate Counts
This video demonstrates how to quantitate bacteria using the serial dilution and plate count method. Bacteria are serially diluted and plated onto Petri plates using aseptic technique.
5:43 min
Staining Eukaryotic Cells
This video demonstrates how to create a wet mount of cells on a microscope slide. Cheek cells and onion epidermal cells are stained and mounted on a slide.
2:03 min
DNA Structure and Analysis
Title Duration
Casting an Agarose Gel
This video demonstrates how to cast an agarose gel. The proper method for sealing the gel tray with tape is shown along with pouring the molten agarose and storing the gel for later use.
2:27 min
Agarose Gel Electrophoresis
This video demonstrates how to load and run DNA samples on an agarose gel. Basic information about the charge of DNA and how it will run in a horizontal electrophoresis cell is explained.
4:07 min
Restriction Digestion of DNA
This video demonstrates how to set up a restriction digest using the Restriction Digestion and Analysis of Lambda DNA Kit. Techniques for setting up a restriction digest using a micropipet are shown.
5:55 min
Bacterial Transformation and Plasmid Purification
Title Duration
Bacterial Transformation
This video demonstrates how to perform a bacterial transformation using the pGLO™ Bacterial Transformation Kit. The CaCl2 method is used to transform E. coli HB101 bacteria. Proper aseptic technique, heat-shock method, and sample labeling are shown.
7:02 min
Alkaline Lysis Miniprep
This video demonstrates the alkaline lysis method of purifying plasmid DNA from a bacterial culture. The small-scale purification is also known as a mini prep. This method utilizes a microcentrifuge as part of the purification.
13:17 min
DNA Quantitation Using a Spectrophotometer
This video demonstrates how to quantitate DNA using a UV-capable SmartSpec™ spectrophotometer. Plasmid DNA is measured, showing step-by-step instructions for the instrument. Purity of the DNA is assessed using the A260/A280 ratio.
4:12 min
The Polymerase Chain Reaction
Title Duration
Alu PV92 Detection by PCR
This video demonstrates key technique points for the PV92 PCR Informatics Kit. Steps include cheek cell collection, genomic DNA extraction using InstaGene™ matrix (a Chelex® resin), and setup of PCR reactions.
5:29 min
GMO Detection by PCR
This video demonstrates key technique points for the GMO Investigator™ Kit. Steps include genomic DNA extraction from grocery store food samples using a mortar and pestle and InstaGene™ matrix (a Chelex® resin). Methods for preventing sample contamination and setup of PCR reactions are shown, including use of controls.
6:38 min
Protein Structure and Analysis
Title Duration
Bradford Assay
This video demonstrates how to quantitate proteins using the Got Protein?™ Kit. Protein concentration is determined both visually by comparing samples to a set of standards and by measuring absorbance on a SmartSpec™ spectrophotometer.
5:08 min
HIC Chromatography
This video demonstrates the technique for protein purification using the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) Chromatography Kit. Recombinant GFP is purified from a bacterial lysate using hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC).
3:57 min
SDS-PAGE of Fish Muscle
This video demonstrates SDS-PAGE separation of proteins using the Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module. Techniques shown include sample preparation using Laemmli buffer and the setting up, loading, and running of polyacrylamide gels on a vertical protein electrophoresis cell.
7:16 min
Immunological Applications
Title Duration
Ouchterlony Assay
This video demonstrates the Ouchterlony double immunodiffusion assay. This technique is used to test whether antibodies recognize specific antigens.
3:47 min
Qualitative ELISA
This video demonstrates a qualitative ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) using the ELISA Immuno Explorer™ Kit. Assay steps for detecting the presence or absence of an antibody, including addition of samples to the microtiter plate strip and washing steps, are shown.
9:11 min
Quantitative ELISA
This video demonstrates a quantitative ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) using the ELISA Immuno Explorer™ Kit. Serial dilutions of standards are performed and used for quantitation of test samples. Assay steps, including addition of samples to the microtiter plate strip and washing steps, are shown.
12:18 min
Western Blotting
This video demonstrates SDS-PAGE separation of proteins using the Comparative Proteomics Kit II: Western Blot Module. Assembly of the blotting sandwich and electroblotting are shown along with the steps for protein detection using a colorimetric assay.
9:57 min
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