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Bio-Rad Completes the Purchase of Certain Diagnostics Businesses of Biotest AG

Bio-Rad is pleased to expand its product offering in the area of immunohematology through the purchase of certain diagnostics businesses of Biotest AG.
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MRSASelect - Rapid Screening of MRSA

Bio-Rad's chromogenic test for rapid screening of MRSA now offers faster interpretation time.
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BioPlex 2200 Streamlines Vasculitis Testing

Novel automated multiplexing technology streamlines vasculitis testing, maximizes efficiency.
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Lyphochek Whole Blood Immunosuppressant Control

Bio-Rad announces the release of Lyphochek Whole Blood Immunosuppressant Control.
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Liquichek Microalbumin Control

Bio-Rad announces the launch of Liquichek Microalbumin Control for microalbumin testing.
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CandiSelect 4 Identifies Four Candida Species

Bio-Rad introduces a second chromogenic medium in the US for identification of four Candida species.
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Liquichek Diabetes Control

Bio-Rad announces the launch of Liquichek Diabetes Control for monitoring Hemoglobin A1C tests.
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