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Author(s): Patricia Bimboese, Craig J Gibson, Stefan Schmidt, Wanqing Xiang, Barbara E Ehrlich

Abstract: The inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor (InsP(3)R), an intracellular calcium channel, has three isoforms with >65% sequence homology, yet the isofor... read more »
Author(s): Naoko Okada, Tetsuya Kawakita, Kenji Mishima, Ichiro Saito, Hideyuki Miyashita, Satoru Yoshida, Shigeto Shimmura, Kazuo Tsubota

Abstract: Although the cornea expresses high levels of clusterin (CLU), the role of CLU in the cornea is poorly understood. This study was performed to investig... read more »
Author(s): Kenzo Fukunaga, Youngho Kwon, Patrick Sung, Katsunori Sugimoto

Abstract: Double-strand breaks (DSBs) in chromosomal DNA elicit a rapid signaling response through the ATM protein kinase. ATM corresponds to Tel1 in budding ye... read more »
Author(s): S P Singh, H Salamon, C J Lahti, M Farid-Moyer, P M Small

Abstract: Pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) is a powerful molecular biology technique which has provided important insights into the epidemiology and popu... read more »
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