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Explore the wide range of classroom resources and materials available to assist you in teaching with the Bio-Rad Explorer™ Program. Materials range from video tutorials on basic laboratory techniques to ideas for lab extensions.

Biotech PCR Posters

Science Coloring Page

20 Techniques of Life Science Research Excitement of Discovery Coloring Book Giant Panda Problem Coloring Book

Relieve some stress and add some color to your science classroom. Download the following coloring pages for you and your students:

See other ways that educators have infused science with art on our Science Artwork page.

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Biotechnology: A Laboratory Skills Course Textbook

Biotechnology: A Laboratory Skills Course

The textbook Biotechnology: A Laboratory Skills Course guides students and teachers through real-world, hands-on laboratory experiences. The book is published as both a student edition and a teacher edition, and a teacher supplement provides further guidance on implementation of the course.

The course book covers biotechnology basics, including laboratory skills and techniques, molecular biology, protein isolation and analysis, immunology, and the biotechnology industry. The additional material in the supplement includes tips, safety, time lines, pre- and post-laboratory questions, data analysis, and more. The textbook demonstrates how to incorporate Biotechnology Explorer Kits as well as many other non–kit-based activities into your curriculum, using them to address a wide range of topics.

Other resources available through the Biotechnology Explorer Program are designed to complement and expand on the textbook.

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Video Tutorials for Basic Laboratory Skills

Learn core biotechnology laboratory skills or refresh your skills with Biotechnology Explorer Video Tutorials. The videos cover the skills required for the Biotechnology Explorer Program. Subject areas include basic laboratory skills, microbiology, and cell culture, DNA structure and analysis, bacterial transformation and plasmid purification, the polymerase chain reaction, protein structure and analysis, and immunological applications.

The video tutorials are designed for integration with the content in Biotechnology: A Laboratory Skills Course and provide demonstrations of all the laboratory techniques in the Biotechnology Explorer kits.

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This series of webinars presented by recognized experts in science education provides in-depth information on a wide range of topics, including developing a biotechnology program at your school, grant-writing tips, and laboratory instruction using real-time PCR, genome sequencing, and enzyme kinetics.

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Animated Tutorials

View and share animated tutorials designed to enhance the learning experience.

pGLO™ Plasmid Map and Resources

View the pGLO Plasmid Map to see the location of the restriction sites and essential genes, each with a brief description. You can also download the pGLO Plasmid DNA Sequence.

Learn about the system of three bacterial genes involved in metabolising of arabinose and how gene regulation in pGLO has been engineered to use the arabinose promoter and a DNA binding protein to drive expression of green fluorescent protein (GFP) in the presence of arabinose.

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Presentations and Activities for Workshops and Teaching

Do you want to introduce interesting presentations and interactive activities to your workshops and classroom but don’t have the time to develop these resources? These PowerPoint presentations and activities will save you hours of time. The presentations are completely editable so you can remove the content intended for teachers' learning and tailor the presentation for your classroom.

Topics covered include the following:

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Posters for your Classroom

Decorate your classroom and teaching labs with our giant 40” wall posters. These beautiful and colorful posters are also fabulous teaching aids.

The Biotech Universe Poster highlights the central molecular framework of biology and generates discussion about the flow of biological information from DNA to RNA to Protein to Trait.

The PCR Poster illustrates the fundamental concepts of the polymerase chain reaction, a technique that has revolutionized the way we look at genomics, forensics, medicine, evolution, and ecology.

For a free printed copy, just call 1-800-876-3425, ext. 1, or, if you are a registered user, order online below.

Biotech Universe PosterBiotech Universe Poster PCR PosterPCR Poster
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Biotechnology-Related Online Resources

Biotechnology-Related Online Resources 
Looking for even more teaching tools? Explore these biotechnology-related online resources.

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