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C. elegans Behavior Kit 166-5120EDU

C. elegans Behavior Kit

The recent redesign of the Advanced Placement (AP) Biology curriculum placed more emphasis on critical thinking, inquiry-based labs, and quantitative skills. The Biotechnology Explorer™ kits and series are all inquiry-based labs and are aligned with the Big Ideas and key concepts of the new AP Biology course. The kits facilitate students' development of the complex thinking and reasoning skills crucial for study at the college level and train students to think more like scientists.

You can cover more than one AP Biology Big Idea with many of the Bio-Rad kits below. For detailed alignments, download the following:

Biofuel Enzyme Kit
(AP Big Ideas 1, 2, and 4)
Explore enzyme kinetics and function through the real-world application of cellulosic ethanol production. Calculate the conversion rate of a model biofuel substrate by cellobiase.

Got Protein?™ Kit
Introduce students to proteomics and provide the tools for them to develop their own protein-based experiments based on Bio-Rad's Quick Start™ Bradford protein assay.

ELISA Immuno Explorer™ Kit
Explore applied immunology by guiding students in the detection of an antibody or antigen in a sample using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).

DNA Model Kit
Easily build a biologically accurate DNA model by attaching the foam nucleotide bases, assembling the DNA strands, and then twisting them into the familiar double helix.

Genes in a Bottle™ Kit
(AP Big Idea 3)
Guide students in using a real-world laboratory procedure to extract genomic DNA from their own cheek cells, then precipitate and bottle it in a necklace amulet — a cool keepsake!

Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Kit
(AP Big Ideas 3 and 4)
Illustrate the principles of forensic DNA testing methods. Using real DNA as evidence, your students play the role of crime scene investigators to find out "Who done it?"

Analysis of Precut Lambda DNA Kit
(AP Big Idea 3)
Incorporate the basic tools of molecular biology into your laboratory exercises: cut DNA with restriction enzymes and use electrophoresis to separate and visualize DNA fragments.

IDEA Electrophoresis Kit
Teach the skills required for agarose gel electrophoresis using food dye to illustrate how molecules move through a molecular sieve in an exercise with real-world relevance.

STEM Electrophoresis Kit
Build a horizontal gel electrophoresis chamber and show how science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are integrated in developing tools to solve problems.

Crime Scene Investigator PCR Basics™ Kit
(AP Big Idea 3)
Introduce the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to your students and enable them to simulate DNA profiling as commonly used in forensic laboratories.

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