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Bio-Rad Announces a New Release of its KnowItAll® Spectroscopy Software

Features Enhanced Technologies for Spectral Search Optimization, Quality Control, and Deformulation
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Bio-Rad Announces New Technology for the Identification of Unknown Compounds with Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy

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Bio-Rad Partners with the U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) and Announces the Availability of a Beta Version of the USP Spectral Library for Raw Material Identification

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Royal Canadian Mounted Police to Use Bio-Rad's KnowItAll® Spectroscopy Software for Analysis of Automobile Crime Scene Samples

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Bio-Rad Announces the Release of KnowItAll® Informatics System 2013 Spectroscopy Software

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Bio‑Rad Announces the Release of Version 9.5 of Its KnowItAll® Spectroscopy Software Software that Offers Significant New Database Additions

Bio‑Rad Releases Version 9.5 KnowItAll and Database Additions
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Bio-Rad Announces KnowItAll Software to be Offered for Use with HORIBA Scientific Raman Spectrometers

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