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Spectral Databases

IR Spectral Databases

World's largest IR spectral database of high-quality infrared spectra

Raman Spectral Databases

High-quality Raman spectral databases from the leading source for spectral data

NMR Spectral Databases

Bio-Rad's KnowItAll NMR Library is the authoritative source for NMR reference spectra

Mass Spectral Databases

Access high-quality mass spectra libraries, including NIST data.

UV-Vis Spectral Databases

Access high-quality UV-Vis reference spectral libraries

USP Spectral Library

Spectroscopy Software

KnowItAll® Software, Vibrational Spectroscopy Edition

KnowItAll® QC Expert

QC software to compare IR and Raman spectra to a reference spectrum

KnowItAll® Software, Analytical Spectroscopy Edition

Software solutions for those using more than one spectroscopic technique (IR, Raman, NIR, NMR, MS, UV-Vis, and chromatography).

ChemWindow® Chemical Structure Drawing Software

ChemWindow is the premier software for chemical structure drawing

Spectroscopy for Schools

KnowItAll U - Chemistry Spectra Database

KnowItAll U - Access Over 2 Million Spectra - A Resource for Chemistry Education in Colleges and Universities

KnowItAll Academic Edition - Free Chemistry Software

Free chemistry software for academic use - structure drawing, spectral analysis, more.

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