Professional Adjustable-Volume Micropipet, 20–200 µl #1660507


Pkg of 1, 20–200 µl adjustable-volume micropipet, includes digital dial micrometer, tip ejector, accommodates standard pipet tips, fully autoclavable

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Use this micropipet for transferring volumes in the range of 20–200 µl.

  • Adjustable digital dial with 0.2 µl volume increments
  • Locking mechanism to prevent drifting

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Bio-Rad offers a full line of single-channel and 8-channel micropipets in a variety of volume ranges.

Single-Channel Micropipets Volume Range, µl Catalog Number Volume Increment, µl
P2 0.1–2 166-0499 0.002
P10 0.5–10 166-0505 0.02
P20 2–20 166-0506 0.02
P200 20–200 166-0507 0.2
P1000 100–1,000 166-0508 2.0
8-Channel Micropipets
P50 5–50 166-0496 0.1
P200 20–200 166-0495 0.2

Pipet tips for all our micropipets are available in bulk or racked formats in several colors, with options such as standard or gel loading tips and aerosol barrier versions; all are certified free of pyrogen, DNase, and RNase.