Spectral Mixture Analysis

Spectral Mixture Analysis - Analyze Experimental Spectral Data of Mixtures

This KnowItAll software feature helps to identifiy the components of mixtures by analyzing IR, NIR, Raman,UV-Vis spectra. It compares a sample spectrum against a licensed KnowItAll reference or user-generated spectral databases. The result is a series of composite spectra, each accompanied by the individual component spectra that comprise the composite spectrum as well as the residual spectrum. The composite spectra are ranked by how closely they resemble the query spectrum.

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How to Perform a Spectral Mixture Analysis

*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages.

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Number Description Options
INF-95372 KnowItAll - Spectral Mixture Analysis Datasheet Click to download
INF-95373 KnowItAll - Spectral Mixture Analysis Datasheet (Chinese language) Click to download
INF-280031 Applications of Mixture Analysis to FT-IR Spectra of Multi-Component Polymeric Systems Click to download