ProteinChip Qualification and Calibration Kits



ProteinChip Qualification and Calibration Kit Usage Guide
Feature OQ Kit System Check Kit Detector Calibration Kit
High-voltage conditioning Unlimited use Unlimited use
Detector calibration Up to 16 weeks of use Up to 8 weeks of use Up to 8 weeks of use
Detector sensitivity testing 6 tests 1 test
Resolution and mass drift at 5.96 kD testing 12 weeks of testing 12 weeks of testing
   Resolution at 1 kD testing 12 weeks of testing
   Mass accuracy testing 12 weeks of testing
Request a Biomarker Discovery Guide

Biomarker Discovery Using SELDI Technology

Proper study and experimental design coupled with the correct data analysis approach are critical components of successful biomarker discovery, no matter which technology, platform, or workflow is used. Bio-Rad has produced two in-depth guides to provide researchers with strategies for success.

The first guide, Biomarker Discovery Using SELDI Technology — A Guide to Successful Study and Experimental Design, provides a series of general guidelines for effective study design using virtually any proteomics technology, and gives specific recommendations for using the ProteinChip surface-enhanced laser desorption/ionization (SELDI) system. This guide also includes:

  • Guidelines for proper sample selection, collection, handling, and storage
  • Instructions for planning the experimental workflow
  • Tips on improving reproducibility through standard operating procedures
  • Important considerations for data analysis implementation
  • Optimized methods and protocols for serum or plasma analysis

The second guide, Biomarker Discovery Using SELDI Technology — A Guide to Data Processing and Analysis Using ProteinChip Data Manager Software, is a comprehensive resource for data analysis workflows, guidelines, and specific recommendations for analyzing biomarker discovery data. The guide covers:

  • General data analysis workflows
  • Data organization
  • Data processing steps, including baseline subtraction, normalization, and spectrum alignment
  • Statistical analysis using P values and ROC curves, hierarchical clustering, and principal component analysis
  • Glossary of software terms

SELDI Citations
SELDI Citations Database

SELDI Citations Database

ProteinChip SELDI system qualification and calibration kits ensure that the ProteinChip SELDI reader, Personal or Enterprise edition, is operating at optimal conditions. These kits improve the reproducibility and reliability of your SELDI data using the same products and techniques that are used for testing by Bio-Rad quality control and system service teams. The kits use special ProteinChip arrays developed specifically to test and calibrate the ProteinChip SELDI reader. These unique arrays are prespotted with matrix and standards and are ready to use.

Use the qualification and calibration kits to:

  • Stabilize the reader's detector output over time with automatic reader adjustments using the ProteinChip detector calibration array
  • Satisfy requirements for regulated environments using the ProteinChip operational qualification (OQ) kit
  • Ensure valid data collection by qualifying the reader on a regular basis using the ProteinChip OQ kit or the ProteinChip system check kit

ProteinChip Detector Calibration Kit

The ProteinChip detector calibration kit includes a ProteinChip detector calibration array, which provides data that the ProteinChip SELDI reader uses to automatically adjust the detector voltage. Adjustments help to maintain a constant gain, stabilizing the output over the detector's lifetime.

ProteinChip OQ Kit

The ProteinChip OQ kit is designed for use in regulated laboratories. Use this kit to generate reports that show reader compliance to nine operational specifications for sensitivity, resolution, and mass accuracy. The ProteinChip OQ kit includes ProteinChip detector calibration arrays to automatically adjust and help stabilize the detector's output over time. Each kit delivers 12 weeks of testing and calibration.

ProteinChip System Check Kit

The ProteinChip system check kit generates reports that show reader compliance to four operational specifications for sensitivity and resolution.

ProteinChip Peptide Mass Calibration Kit

The ProteinChip peptide mass calibration kit performs mass calibrations using an array prespotted with seven peptide calibrants. The kit can be used multiple times to ensure proper instrument mass accuracy.

ProteinChip® OQ Kit

Operational qualification kit, contains 2 ProteinChip detector calibration arrays, 6 detector qualification arrays, 2 peptide standard arrays, and instrument protocols

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ProteinChip® Detector Calibration Kit

Pkg of 1, ProteinChip detector calibration array

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ProteinChip® System Check Kit

Kit contains 1 ProteinChip detector calibration array, 1 detector qualification array, 1 peptide standard array, and instrument protocols

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ProteinChip® Peptide Mass Calibration Kit

Pkg of 1, ProteinChip array prespotted with a peptide mixture containing Arg8-vasopresssin, somatostatin, dynorphin A, ACTH, ß-endorphin, Arg-insulin, and cytochrome C (1,084–12,230 Da)

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5530 ProteinChip SELDI System Brochure, Rev A Click to download
5602 ProteinChip SELDI System Qualification and Calibration Kits Product Information Sheet, Rev B Click to download
10010680 Instruction Manual, ProteinChip OQ Kit and Documentation, Rev A Click to download
10010681 Instruction Manual, ProteinChip System Check Kit, Rev A Click to download
10010682 Instruction Manual, ProteinChip Detector Calibration Kit, Rev A Click to download