ProcessIt MS - Mass Spectrum Processing

ProcessIt MS - Software to Process Mass Spectra

KnowItAll's ProcessIt MS application can be used to import and open GC/MS and LC/MS files and view and select MS scans within them. Researchers can import MS and hyphenated technique data in more than 40 common file formats. Selected MS scans can be added to user databases and can be searched. In addition, this application enables users to perform spectral averaging and subtraction and allows the display of selected ion chromatograms (SICs).

Spectral Subtraction - ProcessIt MS also allows the calculation of the average mass spectrum from several scans and also allows the elimination of background noise via manual background subtraction. Single or multiple ranges for either process can be specified using the Spectral Subtraction dialog box.

Select Ion Chromatograms (SICs) - This tool enables the display of a selected ion chromatogram in a different color. Multiple ion chromatograms can be displayed in the first pane. A selected ion chromatogram is very useful feature for verifying target molecules and determining whether the background profile is constant during the entire run.

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*Available as part of certain KnowItAll software packages.

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